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The Pelvic Health Podcast: Pelvic health in the transgender non binary non conforming community with Dr Hollis Herman

The Longest Shortest Time Podcast: Healing after Childbirth Tune in to get the nitty gritty on why your body can feel so beat up after childbirth, how it can be fixed, and Holly’s surprising tip on what to pack in your go-bag for the hospital or birth center. (I promise, nobody else has told you this one!)

North American Menopause society video series with Dr. Holly Herman discussing the role of the Physical Therapist in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction.


Our Better Half- Transgender Sexual Health episode featuring Dr. Holly Herman

Sexology with Dr. Moali Podcast:  When Sex Hurts by Dr. Holly Herman

The Pelvic Messenger on BlogTalkRadio Presents: A Candid Discussion about Optimizing Sexual Function

Click the title to read Men’s and Women’s Health: Getting the Message Out There featured in the June 2017 issue of Inmotion

The Healthy Baby Boomers Network on BlogTalkRadio Presents:  What is Causing Your Pelvic Floor Pain?

Click the title to read Baby Your Back by Leslie Goldman and featured in Fit Pregnancy’s February/March ’13 issue

Physical Therapy’s Contribution to Transgender Health Care